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Sandra Hale: Self Helpless!

Sandra Hale: Self Helpless!

Just The Tonic at the Caves - Just The Wee One

Self Helpless! is a show filled with insights that will help you get through life, providing you have good looks, no opinions and can tap dance. Sandra Hale is a self-help guru like no other. In fact, she’s no guru at all. She’s survived. That’s enough. We can't all be confident, moralistic and principled, so if, like Sandra, you are shallow, needy and an exaggerator, then this show is for you.
Event Tags: stand-up, solo show

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Sat 19th 13:20 6.00 Select
Sun 20th 13:20 6.00 Select
Mon 21st 13:20 6.00 Select
Tue 22nd 13:20 6.00 Select
Wed 23rd 13:20 6.00 Select
Thu 24th 13:20 6.00 Select
Fri 25th 13:20 6.00 Select
Sat 26th 13:20 6.00 Select
 £  6.00
 £  6.00